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In the following paragraphs, we will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to have the be best private shows with girls on a Live sex.

How To Have A Private Show With A Girl On Live Sex Website?

So, you want to have fun on Live Feet9.

No matter the reason for which you came on the site, either if it’s for all the sexy feet and more of the gorgeous models, or if it’s for all the other shows that can be satisfied here, one thing is sure: the experience you will have on this camming platform will be unmatched.

Everything about the site was designed and upgraded to offer members the best stay.

All the hot moments you will spend with the hot girls will be enhanced by the fact that the site is so well organized.

You can enter the site for free and there are so many features guests can enjoy.

You can browse the site, take a look at the profiles of all babes, and even enjoy the girls who are online and who are offering a free preview of what they would do in private chat.

But for all that pure pleasure, you will need to create an account on a Live sex website and take the girls for a private chat.

There are a couple of steps you should know about creating your account and choosing the right girl for your fantasy.

Let’s start with the first thing you should do.

First and foremost, you need to create your account.

This account is not only free, but it will unlock so many other features of the site for you.

With the account, you will be able to chat with the girls who are streaming in their free room in webcam, you will be able to check out their profiles, and you can also create your list of favorites.

But if you want to have real fun, you will need to charge your account.

Live Feet9 is offering 5 credits as welcoming bonus to whoever creates an account of viewers.

The account is easy to create.

It takes less than two minutes.

Although you will need to give the site some personal information, you can be absolutely sure that your privacy and the safety of your info will be on point.

The site is storing all data on an encrypted server.

Also, the billing is discrete when you buy credits.

And if you want to enjoy the naughty live shows with all these babes, that’s what you will need: to buy some credits.

The credits are the in-site currency system.

All girls are verified age and adult.

You will use them to access the private shows of the babes you like.

Once you put some tokens on your account, it’s time to decide how and where to spend it.

And for that, you will need to take a stroll through the member area and peek at all the models who are streaming video.

On the left side of the screen you will find a long category menu.

From that menu you will select the type of chick or the fetish you would like to enjoy in private show on a Live sex cam.

So many categories are available on the site, from Amateur and Anal, to Squirting and VIP Show.

Why are so many people switching from standard free porn to Live porn site?

No matter what’s your fetish, you will find the right model for it.

There are also smoking shows available, BDSM cams, roleplay, JOI sex and even a new type of show called Story, which is basically Live ASMR sex with hot girls who will tell you hot stories in front of high-performance mics that will make the chick feel like she’s in the same room with you, whispering in your ears.

So, you go through all the categories and the many babes who are on the site.

But you will notice that some of them have a green dot on their thumbnail and some others have a gray dot.

As you might suspect, that green dot means the chicks are online Live.

You can only browse through the online girls of the site if you want, but you can also check out the offline cam models.

Their profiles will tell you the last time they were online, and you can also send them a message to plan a virtual date with her and make sure you will be on when they will start streaming.

But if you want to enjoy a private show on Live Feet9 right away, you will need to browse through the online models.

What’s cool about the online models is the fact that if they aren’t engaged in a private show with another member of the community, they are hanging out in their free chat room and they just chat with other members.

How the live sex website working ?

You can take part in those chats, where you can ask her about the naughty things, you’d like to experience with her.

The goal to join a live with naked girls whether in public or in private live sex, is to interact directly with these babes.

This is one of the things you need to do if you want to have the best experience in live sex chat.

The girls are very welcoming with members who want to chat with them in free room, because they are all trying to lure you into their private room and show you a good time like his ass or her pussy !

live sex cam live porn

But there will be so many men in there trying to get a model’s attention.

She can’t please all at the same time.

But the site gives you an option through which you can draw the attention of a hot babe in free xxx chat.

You can send her a little gift.

Depending on how much you like her presence in free chat, you can send gifts that are worth between 1 and 100 tokens.

When she will see a gift from you, she will understand that you’re really interested in her.

And it’s also a nice way of making a good first impression.

Just like in real life, if a woman really likes you, she will give her absolute best to satisfy you.

But there are so many other ways through which you can check if a girl is really the model you need for your fantasy.

One of those ways is by checking out her profile and who girls use lovense system.

On a girl’s profile, you can find everything about her.

First of all, you will find her rating.

The rating on Live Feet9 is based on a five-star scale.

Besides her rating, you will also see how many people have rated the girl.

Members can rate a model only after they’ve had her in private show, which means that the accuracy of the rating is trustable and reflects the performances of the model.

All the bio info and the description you need will be found on the profile along with the most important thing you’d expect to find there, namely pics and vids.

The profiles of the babes on Live Feet9 are coming with photo galleries and videos of her teasing the camera.

This is basically porn of the model.

You will see how she looks in different positions, her energy in kink acts and from her portfolio you will also figure out if the exhibition she practices in her live shows are matching your needs.

There are also babes with private content, which is premium porn of themselves, which you can buy and enjoy whenever you want.

So, now that you’ve found the girl you like, it’s time to take her into a private show.

There’s nothing simpler.

All you need is to hit the Start Private Show on the right upper corner of a girl’s streaming screen.

In that moment, she won’t be available for the other members in the free room anymore.

She will be only available for you.

All of her attention will be on you and whatever kink you have can start happening.

There will be some members who will be able to see what the model is doing for you, but they won’t see what you’re chatting with them.

That’s called a peak show and it’s the possibility to peek inside other member’s private shows.

You will be able to do that to other private shows too, and its way cheaper, but it’s not interactive.

While in a private chat room you will also be able to enjoy a two cams audio experience.

That means your cam girl will be able to see and hear you just as you see her.

I truly recommend this way of enjoying a private show, because it’s the most interactive one.

Lose your inhibitions and speak with your girl rather than typing.

It will free up your hands for other things.

The cam 2 cam experience is also great for the JOI and femdom shows, because the babes will be able to see you and will give you instructions just as you would give instructions to the submissive girls in other types of fetish cam shows.

Another technical recommendation I would like to make to all of you who want to enjoy a private show on Live Feet9 is to get a good pair of headphones.

It will make the girls feel closer to you.

Also, in the case of story shows that are featuring live ASMR sex, you will totally need the headphones, because the sound in those shows is 3D, and it will create a sensation in your head that’s hard to describe in words.

The private ASMR sex shows will tickle your sixth sense and will send shivers down your spine, but that’s only if you have a pair of good headphones on.

And since I’m talking about the tech you need for a private show on this platform, let me also recommend enjoying these cam girls on a computer.

I know that the site is offering one of the best mobile platforms for fans who like to have cam sex with hot girls on their phones or tablets, but a computer with a big screen can enhance the experience.

Now let me tell you about the prices you will have to pay for all this fun.

In private chat, you will be charged for every minute spent with the girl.

You can spend as much time with a babe as you want, from one minute to hours upon hours if you like a girl so much.

At the same time, you can also exit the private room any time.

You can simply disconnect, and nothing will happen.

Except for the fact that you disappearing without saying anything will upset the model.

But there’s no fixed period of private that you have to get.

At the same time, you must understand that for some shows to be good, you will need to spend some time with the girl in private.

For example, a squirting show or a foot job with a couple.

In these cases, you will have to wait a bit until the models can reach their orgasms and ejaculate.

You can’t just get in private and expect a dude to cum on the feet of his girl in under two minutes.

Or a girl to have a squirting orgasm right away.

Depending on the popularity of the model, there are different costs per minute in private shows.

The price goes from 0.99 to 9.99.

You get a filter on the site which will let you select the price if the babes you are browsing.

Also, the new girls will have promotional prices and you will be able to enjoy them in private show for cheaper.

So, this is the Live porn basics you need to know when it comes to enjoying a private sex show on Live Feet9.

Don’t forget that once you create your profile, you will also get a welcoming bonus.

That welcoming bonus can be transformed in 10 minutes of private chat on the site.

And that’s not the only bonus members get.

Live Feet9 is running a constant rewards campaign.

In fact, there’s a ranking system for members, which is called “Club Elite”.

Just like you would get miles for flying with an air company, you also get credits for spending time in the private chat rooms of all these hot babes.

The credits range from 15/month for the members who only enter in private once or twice every couple of weeks, to 15.000 credits per month for the most active members of the community.

Rising in the ranks is actually worth it on this site.

That’s how the Live Feet9 has managed to create such a tight community around online live sex.

You can be part of this community right now and all you need is to create that account.

Other about Live feet9

How do a Live porn on Instagram?

Instagram controls what’s posted on their platform, and they do not allow nudity and sexually explicit content on the profiles of people.

But at the same time, they can’t really control what’s going on in the live Instagram stories.

Sometimes, people get horny while they live stream, and sometimes they might be a bit tipsy to flirt on the social network.

That’s how so many girls and boys end up doing it while they stream live on Instagram.

And until the video is reported or until a moderator ends the fun, some other people record the live session and they post it on porn tubes.

In this article, we will talk more about Instagram porn, how to find it and why it is so porn instagram

Making Live Porn On Instagram

Although Instagram was not made for porn, people can’t stop from being naughty on Instagram live.

You can’t really post anything that’s sexually explicit or nude on your Instagram profile, but it’s hard for the platform to control what’s going in in the live video feeds of users.

In the following paragraphs, we will talk more about the many instances of live porn that happen on Instagram.

Sometimes it happens by mistake, but other times, the girls and boys who are in front of the camera are doing it on purpose, either to show off or to gather fans and attention.

To enjoy all this Instagram live porn, you will either have to follow all the hot thots who are known for getting naughty in their live feeds, or to check out the free sex tubes where the recorded live sessions are uploaded and where you can watch them anytime you want.

Here are some of the main ways through which people are making live porn on Instagram.

The big majority of naughty content in the Instagram live feed is all about teasing.

There are lots of Insta models who are showing off their asses and tits on this platform for attention.

And all of them want more and more fans.

That’s why, on a regular basis, they put on some really sweet teasing shows.

Some of them are making good money off their Instagram accounts.

They either have paid posts promoting who knows what products or services, or they simply sell nudes to the many men who are following them on the platform.

No matter how they make their money, it’s in their interest to keep their fans on the edge.

So, if you find such an Instagram model, you better start following her, because she will put on teasing live shows on a regular basis.

In these teasing shows, they will dress as provocative as possible, they will dance and twerk, and they will talk naughty and dirty to the guys who are chatting with them on the live feed.

Talking about girls who promote themselves through this platform, Instagram is also used by cam girls to gather fans and attract members on the live cam sex platforms where they offer their live private shows.

These cam girls are using the Instagram live feature to offer a preview of what can go on in their private sex shows.

And these girls will hold nothing back.

They are basically offering a free porn show in their Instagram live streams.

I’ve seen girls who stripped, who fingered themselves, and who spread their asses and pussies in front of the camera for all the men who are watching them.

Some of these cam models even use sex toys in their live videos, and you can watch them fuck themselves and even deepthroat a dildo.

They are worth following too, but sometimes their accounts are getting banned by the platform for repeated sexually explicit content.

Even celebrities are using Instagram to promote their hot bodies.

There are so many singers who are hosting live Instagram sessions dressed as the sluttiest strippers.

Some of the most famous celebrities who are doing Instagram live videos in which they tease their audience with deep cleavages and booty shorts are Niki Minaj and Cardi B.

Cardi has some of wildest Instagram sessions live with her fans.

She often shows off her boobs and not once she put on some hot moaning shows in which she acts like she’s getting fucked by a big dick.

On the other hand, Niki Minaj is always showing off her massive tits, she has so many nip slips in live streaming and she twerks almost in every live.

But some celebrities go the extra mile and they put on real sex tapes in their live feeds on Insta.

One of the most famous celebrities Instagram live porn sessions comes from the rapper Boonk Gang.

He has a live that was recorded by fans in which he drinks and smokes a blunt while a hot Ebony girl is blowing his dick, he films himself licking her pussy live, and he even plows her booty from behind.

It is all available on PornHub and on many other free porn sites.

Just like this famous rapper, there are many other amateurs who love the thrill of fucking in front of everybody.

And they turn to Instagram to showcase their private sex life.

The internet is filled with hot chicks and their lovers in hardcore sex action while they were streaming live on Instagram.

There are also lots of hot live sessions from sex parties from all around the world.

With the Instagram live porn videos you can see how the rich are partying on their private boats with hot models who are blowing them for money or chicks who are licking each other’s pussies in lesbian shows for an audience.

One other thing that can be found on Instagram are fetish porn lives.

There are girls who know how to offer men the kinks and fantasies they lust for.

One of the most popular fetishes on Instagram is all about feet.

You can find feet models with thousands of fans, who are showing off their legs and feet in live videos.

They are the most successful babes, because this platform is not forbidding feet porn, as it isn’t anything obscene about it.

But you know that the fans are finding the action really kinky.

As you can see, regardless of the fact that Instagram doesn’t allow porn on their platform, the naughty people always find a way around the rules.

Keep an eye on all the celebrities that are a bit naughtier, follow all the Instagram models who are posting twerking videos and booty pics, and make sure to tune in when a cam girl is doing a live video.

And remember that anything that’s online never gets deleted, so search the tubes for the hottest recorded Instagram sessions.

How to flirt on Instagram?

Flirting on Instagram is not that hard.

Everybody is there for vanity and to show off.

So, if you find a girl you like, make sure to flatter and compliment her.

She’s not posting all those sexy pics just because she feels artistic.

She is there for attention, and if you give her the right amount of attention, you will surely raise some interest in her.

You must take a look at her profile and see what kind of attention she wants.

There are girls who want to be treated like goddesses, while some other chicks are into a more subtle approach.

You will be able to tell them apart from the amount of booty pics they post.

How can I chat on Instagram?

Chatting with girls on Instagram is one of the best ways of flirting.

Since this is an app where they show off, they often get messages from dudes hitting on them.

So, they are pretty used to it and if you do it you won’t seem desperate.

All you need is to find the right pretext to get chatty with them.

Take a look on their profiles and check if you have something in common, then exploit on that topic.

Or if you’re confident enough, just say hi and make your intentions clear.

How do a Live Porn On Snap?

Out of all the social apps out there, Snap Chat is probably the naughtiest.

It’s used by tons of people to share nudes, but it’s also a way for porn stars to be formed.

With so much adult content shared on Snap, I think we can already start talking about Snap porn stars.

If you’re not on Snap social platform, you’re missing out.

Besides the many amateur girls who show off their bodies to strangers, the app is also used by porn stars to promote themselves and stay in touch with their fans.

Let’s talk more about the porn on Snap.

live porn snapchat

Doing Live Porn On Snap

Snap Chat is not a platform that allows porn out in the open.

Their policy states that they don’t encourage posting any adult content.

But what people send privately and what they post for their close group of friends is none of their business.

And that’s exactly the loophole that so many hot girls are using to promote their bodies online.

Snap Chat is used by amateur girls who want attention and a bit of cash from strangers online just as much as it is used by porn stars who are treating their fans with hot shots of themselves, but also running private accounts which are earning them mad money.

At the same time, the big porn brands are also present on the app.

Basically, there’s a lot of porn on Snap and in the following article we will talk more about it and how to find it.

All the best porn on Snap Chat can be found on premium accounts.

Whoever runs a Snap Chat Premium account is serious about the adult business.

Both amateur girls and famous porn stars are offering all kinds of perks to the fans who are buying their premium accounts.

There’s where they host the live porn Snap shows, in which they masturbate in front of the camera for all their horny fans.

Some of the babes who are more passionate about porn will also live stream sex sessions they have with their lovers or random boys who are offering their cock as prop for a live show.

And there’s a lot of lesbian content in the live porn on Snap chat, with girls passionately kissing and fucking each other.

The amateur Snapchat porn is the best out there if you ask me.

I love it when 18 years old babes are making their boyfriends film them while their pussies are getting filled with hard cock and the cutest thing is that they put all kinds of funny filters on their faces.

If you’ve ever seen a porn clip of a teen getting fucked or receiving a facial while she has a puppy ears and snout filter on her face, know that the video was shot for a premium Snap Chat audience.

Another category of amateur babes who are streaming Live Snap Chat porn and posting nudes or sex tapes of themselves on this platform are the gamer girls.

You sure know the sex queen of the nerds, the goddess herself Belle Delphine.

Well, she is just one of the hot girls who livestream both their gaming sessions and their sex life.

You will find so many teen chicks on Snap, dressed like anime characters, who are sucking and riding dildos, masturbating and doing all kinds of naughty things for their audience.

It’s also the place where you will find some of the hottest Ahegao faces.

If you don’t know what that is, you need more hentai in your life.

But how can you find all these premium Snap accounts where girls are hoeing in the hottest ways possible?

Well, there are three main ways in which you will discover them.

First of all, you can ask the help of Twitter.

There are accounts on Twitter whose sole purpose is to promote the hottest amateur premium Snaps out there.

Also, just searching on Twitter for the term “premium Snapchat” will yield so many results that you won’t know where you start browsing.

Another social platform that will help you find the best premium Snapchat content is Reddit.

There’s a subreddit fully dedicated to live Snap porn.

It’s called r/NSFW_Snapchat and besides recommendations from other porn fans, even amateur girls are posting screencaps of their live Snap porn streams and they invite you to join them.

And there’s one site called Ghostcode which is basically a link dump site where you will find accounts from all kinds of babes from all around the world.

All you need is to enter the site from your computer and scan the codes from the screen.

Ghostcodes is not only for premium snaps that do porn.

You can find those in the Sexy category.

They come with Snap recommendations from all kinds of entertainment mediums, including comedy, travel, news, fitness and so on.

But it’s not just amateur babes who are running Premium snap accounts.

As I mentioned before, all the major porn stars are having Snap accounts.

Some of them offer a lot of naughty content for free, but they have a lot of interesting material in their premium accounts.

The premium Snap accounts of your favorite porn stars are coming with nudes, sexy clips, behind the scene footage from the set, and some of them are even sharing their personal sex life with the fans, offering live Snap porn streams of them sucking and riding the cocks of their real-life boyfriends and husbands.

You really don’t want to miss such things.

I kept talking about the premium Snap accounts, but I didn’t tell you how they work.

Well, they work just any other porn subscription you might have.

Most of the famous babes are charging about $30 per month, while amateur chicks are usually offering you full Snap access for $15 and sometimes even for $10.

The payments can be done through PayPal or Venmo.

What’s interesting is that some girls will give you access to their premium Snap if you buy them something off their Amazon Wishlist.

There’s also such thing as a lifetime subscription.

For example, the bootilicious blonde porn star AJ Applegate is selling her lifetime premium Snap subscription for $500, but some other girls are selling them for cheaper.

However, if you want to make the commitment for a lifetime subscription on a premium Snap, you should choose one of the major porn stars, who have a career behind and who won’t quit the platform after one year.

And we only scratched the surface of the amount of porn that can be enjoyed on Snap Chat.

All you need to do now is download the app, create an account and start browsing for porn.

It’s incredible what you will find.

How To Get A Girl's Snap

You don’t always have to pay for a porn star’s premium Snap to get a constant feed of nudes.

You can find your own girlfriend who will share naughty pics with you for free.

Hitting on Snap girls is easy and getting their Snap chat is even easier.

Girls can’t wait to have more followers on Snap, so asking a girl for her Snap is way easier than asking for her number.

Sometimes she will give you her Snap without you having to ask for it.

Others Social Networks to do live porn